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Take a tour with us to eat the food featured on Netflix’s Street Food. Not only do we have guaranteed exclusive access with our friends, the four featured chefs, but, between the eating, we can show you the other secrets of Chiayi, Taiwan. Join to try Fish Head Stew at Smart Fish, Turkey Rice at Magistrate Liu’s, Douhua (Tofu Pudding) at A E Douhua, and 3 Day 3 Night Goat Stew at Uncle Goat’s. We introduced them to Netflix and would love to do the same for you. You won’t regret booking your unique experience with us!

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Netflix's Street food

Grace runs the featured restaurant Smart Fish, famous for its Fish Head Stew. Her restaurant has been a well-established Chiayi staple since 1953. Smart Fish is renowned across Taiwan and overseas.
Liu LiZhang
Featured on Street Food, Liu LiZhang Turkey Rice serves up Chiayi's famous signature dish "turkey rice". Started by his father, Mr. Liu continues serving up a truly delicious bowl at this sought after turkey rice restaurant.
One of Chiayi's cutest grandmas, Tsui-Eh, has been serving up douhua, or tofu pudding, from the same street cart for decades. She makes the douhua in the most traditional way, a process that takes days over a wood fire.
Uncle Goat
Uncle Goat's signature dish is a goat hot pot, made by following a 1500 year-old recipe. It is cooked for 3 days and 3 nights, following a very specific process. His dish is more than just food, but a cultural treasure.


A City full of secrets to be discovered

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Current tours

Street Food Stars of Chiayi City

3-4 Hours

On this walking tour, we will eat at three of the featured locations from the Netflix series Street Food. See why we introduced Netflix to these incredible locations and get a behind-the-scenes, VIP experience at Smart Fish, Magistrate Liu’s Turkey Rice, and A E Douhua. Not only is this tour all-inclusive, but we’ll skip the long lines at Smart Fish, perfect for travelers maximizing their time.
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The Uncle Goat Experience

3 Hours

Far outside Chiayi City resides Uncle Goat, one of the stars of the Netflix series Street Food. Utilizing ancient techniques and recipes, Uncle Goat’s 3 Day 3 Night Goat Stew is a cultural heritage of a dish that takes 72 hours to prepare and is a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Join us to meet the legend himself, learn about his process, and try this truly unique meal.

The Peach City

Come explore all the wonders chiayi has to offer

Customer Testimonials

I went to Uncle Goat’s farm and it was an amazing tour!! Reed was very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. This was such a unique experience and I would for sure recommend!!
Trust me, I’m a Taiwanese that has been to Chiayi a million times..... Reed definitely shows you a different side of Chiayi and knows more than a regular Taiwanese does. 10/10 would recommend Toah Tours!
Had a blast listening to the stories of Chiayi, learning more about the food, culture and the people. Couldn't have asked for a better tour. Thanks so much for the VIP experience. We will be back for sure!!!
One of the really beneficial aspects of booking a tour with Reed is that we never had to stand in line anywhere we went. Because he’s lived in Chiayi for more than 5 years and because he was the location scout for Netflix “Street Food”, all of the owner/operators of the restaurants and food stalls know him. He’s been eating their food for years and now he is bringing more and more people to enjoy that food. So, imagine you walk up to Liu LiZhang (Magistrate Liu’s Turkey Rice) or Smart Fish and you see this line of people that is crazy long. No worries! VIP treatment means you get to bypass that line and more often than not, Boss Liu or Grace or her dad will actually come out to say hi to you because you’re with Reed. Talk about a food hookup!
United States
My mom and I instantly had a good feeling about Chiayi when we arrived but it was Reed that made us really fell in love with the city and its people.
The Netherlands
Toah Tours provided an excellent tour. The meeting instructions were very clear and we were welcomed on arrival by our guide Reed. Reed was an excellent guide fluent in the area and deserves a special thanks for his warm personality and passion. The walking tour was a great way to experience the sound, smells and scenery of the bustling Chiayi city- we definitely felt close to the action. On the walking tour, we visited three of the featured locations in the Netflix series Street Food. Having Reed provide an insider experience at each establishment and tell us about the history of each location was well worth the cost of the tour. I appreciated the attention to detail on this tour and the intimate nature of the walking tour. Much respect to Reed who does a great job and sets the example for an excellent tour guide! We loved the exclusive tour gift!
United States
It was really great hanging out with you today, thankful that we managed to meet and you were really an excellent guide! Your passion for Chiayi is so admirable and I hope you’ll always stay this passionate and continue to spread the love for Chiayi all around! I’m already loving this place 🙂
Xuan Hui
I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful tour! It was truly the highlight of my trip. Between the amazing food, and meeting and interacting with all the people, and seeing Chiayi through your eyes, it was all I could have hoped for and more. I think my favorite part was learning how to make proper Taiwanese high mountain oolong tea with Uncle Goat, but the whole experience was exceptional. Chiayi is now one of my fav places and I look forward to returning. Take good care!
Huge thanks to Reed for hosting and showing us around the hidden gems of Chiayi that are mostly featured on Netflix's "Street Food" Taiwan Episode 😍 we even got the chance to take pictures with the Stars! Best part is we didn't need to queue at any of these three popular places! 😏 Will definitely recommend @toahtours for an unforgettable Chiayi local guide. See you again next time, Chiayi 🥰

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