Are you looking for a travel consultant, location scout, or personal guide?  How about a fixer, connector, or researcher? 

My name is Reed Giovannetti and I am the credited talent consultant for the Chiayi, Taiwan episode of the new Netflix series Street Food. In addition to introducing the production to the chefs of the episode, I also helped in areas of research, location scouting, interpreting, and shooting B-roll.

If you’ve met me, you probably know that Chiayi is where my heart is. I love to introduce Chiayi to anyone interested and, as a result, I’ve gotten to know this place very well over the years. There are many hidden treasures to be discovered here. As one producer for the Street Food series said, “I could make a whole series about Chiayi!” If you’re looking to do anything in Chiayi, or elsewhere in Taiwan, I can help.

As a graduate in Religious Studies, emphasizing in East Asian Traditions, I take great interest in the cultural elements of Taiwan. You’ll often find me participating in cultural events, many times as the only westerner, which has allowed me to build strong relationships with the local community and a deeper understanding of Taiwanese culture, especially in connection to Chiayi. Not only can I connect you to the right people, but I can help you connect with them.


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